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Mr. Pramod Kumar (Director, M.Sc. Physics)
Former Sr. faculty of Aakash,Fiitjee and having 19 Years teaching experience. He used conventional Method as well as modern technology to simplify concepts of physics. Due to this understanding and grasping of physics become very easy. Application of concepts and numerical become very easy especially for class XI & XII student. His short cut methods help to qualify competitive exam and improving the rank.
Dr.A.K.Jindal (M.Sc., Ph.D in Chem)
Former professor of IIT Roorkee (Retd) ,Dept of Chemistry.
Dr.V.K Tiwary (M.Sc. in Chem, Ph.D from IIT Kanpur)
Having 17 years experince, expert of organic and Machanism of organic Chemistry.
Mr. Arvind Kumar (M.Sc. Chemistry)
Having 17 Years teaching experience. His teaching Methodology gives crystal concept in Chemistry. His teaching approach always inspires the students to improve their concepts.
Mrs. Alka Saxena (M.Sc. Botany)
Having 16 years Teaching Experience. She has developed easy tools to remember biology. Her Scientifics approach gives help in preparation of PMT and other competitive Exam.
Dr. R. Bhatnagar (M.Sc. Zoology)
Having 16 Years teaching experience.
Mr. Shailesh Kumar (MA in Maths)
Having 16 Years teaching experience.
Mr. Niraj Singh (M.Sc.)
Having 14 Years teaching experience.
Mr. Nishant (B.Sc., BIT, MCA)
Former faculty of Aptech Computer center and having 12 Years of teaching experience in computer science. He is very dedicated towards his profession. His teaching approach gives excellent concepts to the students to perform very good in board and other competitive Exams. He is taking academic as well as professional courses classes in computer science.
Mr. Niraj Kumar(M.Sc. from BHU)
Former senior faculty of Narayna Institute and having 12 Years teaching experience and have developed verious short cut methods of Maths & Physics.